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The Eaves

The Eaves

Current Members

Jen Adams, Casey Sweten, Quentin Rowan, Tim Wright

The Eaves aspire to sell you their strange elixir of invention and romance. Made of parts as diverse as the members, the formulas are newer abstractions of familiar antidotes?sounds that wear off the listener?s inclination to dismantle, inspect and assimilate by categorization and move them to simply 'feel'. Bending angular white funk/no wave into the best of 60's pop experimentalism through a prism of guitar driven pink noise ala the Creation Records set. The result is a unique form that is greater than the sum of its parts. Blind to expectation. Modern. As potent to the bedroom as the dance floor.

A look behind the curtain:

- Jen Adam hails from everywhere/no where, and came of age emulating the keyboard/guitar styles of the melancholy bands in her record collection before discovering her own unique vision of youthful tragedy. A testament to her early talents can be found on the UK group Piano Magic's 'Fun of the Century' EP.

- Casey Sweten discovered a love for the unconventional side of guitar while isolated in Oklahoma's suburban desert. Finding inspiration in his friends The Flaming Lips, Casey logged in countless hours behind the 4-track, hoping to discover the audio frequency at which the mind explodes and the heart breaks.

- Quentin Rowan, a notorious Brooklyn shut-in and armchair philosopher found an outlet in a bass playing alter ego. As the possessed manipulator of the low frequencies he is able to conjure the not-yet-dead ghost of Peter Hook and John Entwistle while in his trance-like state.

- Tim Wright, a wayward Californian, learned the meaning of his beloved southern hymns while doing time behind the drums on the fierce chain gang of rock ala FUCKFACE, The Wilderness and as one of Ted Leo's renowned Pharmacists.

While in their infant stages the band enjoyed the privilege of sharing a stage with the likes of The Walkmen, The French Kicks, Pinback, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Natural History, The Ex-Models and The Fiery Furnaces before deciding to spend time off to mature their sound with a military regiment of recording and revising. The subsequent peeling of layers armed their new self-titled album (Ace Fu) with a trademark sound: something to the effect of a psychedelic John Hughes soundtrack to an epic videogame adventure through the lost chapters of a forgotten religious text.


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