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Street Teams

If you’re interested in helping out Ace Fu but do not live in the NYC area you can stop your crying right now because we can still gladly be a recpient of generous help. We currently have a network of Ace Fu Street Team Members located ALL OVER the country who assist our promotion efforts mostly around our artists tour dates. Their duties include: LOCAL RECORD STORE RELATIONS, COLLEGE/LOCAL RADIO PROMOTION, VENUE PROMOTION, and GENERAL COLLEGE PROMOTION. Our street team members get to work closely with the label and our artists, as well as gain valuable and cool contacts in their local music communities. Sound cool? Well, SIGN UP by carefully following the below instructions:

  1. Email STREETTEAM-at-ACEFU.NET with the subject line: “Sreet Team Application”
  2. Please make sure to attach a resume with current contact information and your mailing address. If you do not have a resume, in prose, explain to us your qualifications!
  3. List the months you are available to participate
  4. Please list your top 10 favorite bands/musicians at the moment
  5. Feel free to BRIEFLY tell us about yourself and your involvement in your local music community
  6. Tell us the air-speed velocity of an unmaiden swallow.


Feel like talking, musing, bitching, laughing, crying, joking, blogging, puking or, uh, something like that? We feel ya! Join our MESSAGE BOARD COMMUNITY and post with other Ace Fu’ers and bands. It’s an open forum, so just don’t hold back!

Mailing List

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Hello. As you can see we have two mailing lists which we hope you’ll join:

Subscribers to the The General Newsletter will receive an email every two months or so which will cover the overall happenings at Ace Fu. They will be replete with general updates on Ace Fu including, new releases, new singings, tour information, merchandise information, band photos, and more. We promise, you’ll love being part of the Ace Fu Family, so don’t be bashful: SIGN UP!!!

Subscribers to the The Local Shows Mailng List will receive only emails announcing shows by Ace Fu artists who are performing in the New York City area. These emails may come more frequently since our artists will be performing locally on a semi-regular basis.

Please note: You must subscribe to each list individually by checking the corresponding checkboxes. Also, you have nothing to worry about, emails of subscribers to these lists will never be shared a with a third party. Lastly, once you enter your address on this page, your subscription or unsubscription will be confirmed via an email sent to that address. Got it? Now subscribe and start supporting your local music scene, God-dawg it.


YES, YES, YES!! We love interns and we’re always looking for hungry, driven, smart, talented and hard-working music fans to contribute to the mighty Fu and learn a bunch about the music businness in the process. We will also be happy to provide our interns college credit and recommendations where requested. We ask our interns to commit to a minimum of approximately 15 hours a week for a three month period. We frequently offer internships in the following departments: GRAPHIC DESIGN, A&R, SALES, MARKETING & PR, & NEW MEDIA. If you are indeed interested in working at Ace Fu Records in such a capacity, please carefully follow the following instructions:

  1. Email JTHAM-at-ACEFU.NET with the subject line: “Internship Application”
  2. Please make sure to attach a resume with current contact information
  3. List the days and times and months you are available to intern
  4. Please list your top 10 favorite bands musicians at the moment
  5. Tell us what has drawn you to Ace Fu Records and in what department you’d like to work
  6. Tell us something funny, you riotous devil, you.