Chris Denune
money guy
Generally, this is the most exciting job in the office: accounting, finance and unleashing a torrent of mad business skills. Managing the money, honey, and making sure everyone gets paid.
Arch nemesis: The IRS
What makes you mad: When people steal my Wall Street Journal! ARRGH!
Things to know before getting into a car with me: I?m a horrible driver and I?ve fallen asleep at the wheel half a dozen times.
I dream in spreadsheets. When I'm allowed out, I play in a "promising neighborhood rock band".
Mantra not followed: "Don't stress out over work. At the end of the day, nobody dies."
Accountant, rocker and all-around nice-guy, Chris has been Controller at a public entertainment company, Director of Financial Aid at the A.R.T. at Harvard University, and tells campfire stories about his survival as an auditor at Arthur Andersen during Enron. In Boston, he also managed a world-renown jazz pianist and played in rock and
blues bands with such legends as Tuffy Kimble and Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson. Chris still isn't sure how he got to NYC, but every once in a while he admits that it was worth it.